Notes for Instructors

If you are an instructor and you are interested in more information about the text or in obtaining an examination copy, use this McGraw-Hill site or contact your local McGraw-Hill sales rep. The instructor's manual is available online.

Please Note that this course requires a somewhat different approach to grading homework than usual to be most successful. Please at least look at the Quick Guide in the instructor's manual before offering a course based on Six Ideas.

I have set up a password-protected web page for instructors. This page provides a variety of materials specifically for instructors. If you are an instructor that is using Six Ideas That Shaped Physics, please send me an e-mail message from your institutional email address that provides the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your institution
  • The number of students taking your course
  • Which units you are using (and in what order)

Send the email to me at After I verify that you are a legitimate instructor, I will send you information about how to access the instructor's page and the materials on it.

Known errors in various printings of the text are listed as a part of this web site (see the errors home page). If you find any errors that are not listed, please send a note to me at the email address above. You may also encourage your students to send error notices to me as well. The editors and I would greatly appreciate feedback on how to make the text better. Please send any suggestions about possible improvements to me via e-mail.

For suggestions about possible Six Ideas lab programs, see the instructor's manual. To see PDF files that describe the lab program at Pomona College, see the lab site.